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FATC has been set up to educate and assist the catering industry to become Food Allergy Aware, as well as to support those affected by food allergies.

In a report from Brighton & Sussex Medical school, University of Brighton it states that 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children in the UK are affected by food allergies and it concludes that “in order for restaurants to act within the law and to protect their clientele, issues surrounding the servicing of food to allergic customers’ needs to be addressed as a priority.”

FATC is offering venues certificated training and consultancy to educate staff to have a greater understanding of food allergies and intolerances, as well as implement policies and procedures,  which will then result in offering allergy affected diners a safe and enjoyable experience and in return offering venues increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Once certified venues are listed on the FATC site, they will be supported by personal recommendations from satisfied customers, which attract new customers and increases revenue.

Is your business ready for the changes in the  EU Food Information Regulations (FIR 1169/2011)? By December 2014 the food service industry will have to be compliant to the new regulations  in regards to listing all food ingredients, highlighting EU listed allergens for their entire menus, including drinks.  Food Allergy Training Consultancy can assist you with the preparation talk to us today 07732637292.

Food Allergy Training Consultancy offers a virtual free-from marketplace that provides extensive information on suppliers, producers, co-operatives and wholesalers of specialist and non-specialist of “free-from” products and services.   Supporting food service establishments enabling them to serve and produce innovative and  tasty free-from dishes as a varied menu alternative for the food allergen customer.

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How Food Allergy Aware is your venue? We are currently conducting an on-line survey for the Food service Industry to understand the current situation of  food allergy awareness within the industry. Let us know your thoughts on training requirements needed, to give you confidence in serving the food allergy market. The survey takes 5 minutes to complete. Food Allergy Awareness Survey