Hospitality catch-up: Mental Health Awareness Session

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Date of Event
Date(s) - Thursday 11th June 2020
7:15pm - 9:00pm

You are invited to join us for another Hospitality Check-in with an educational twist. In collaboration with the Southern Branch of the Institute of Hospitality, Southampton Hoteliers Association, New Forest Hoteliers Association and BH Area Hospitality Association  we are running a live webinar on Mental Health (MH) Awareness.  At the start of the session there will be opportunities to network with other attendees as we use the breakout feature within the zoom call.

Mental Health Awareness is a key topic in Hospitality even more so during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  We need to ensure our colleagues and employees as well as us, as manager’s are recognising the signs of someone struggling and having the knowledge of how to manage their situation either by having Mental Health First Aiders or directing towards charities and organisations to support them.

This session will give you an overview as to what procedures you may need to take to start implementing processes within your business or personal life to put positive steps in place to build understanding of mental health going forward.

We have invited 3 expert speakers in their field to add the hospitality twist on ‘Mental Health Awareness’


Colin Symington – Bailey :  Mental Wealth | Resilient Minds UK

  • Mental Health Statistics – relative to the workplace
  • Why Mental Health First Aid (incl. also statistics)
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Stress and burnout
  • A brief presentation around the benefits of sleep (incl effects of caffeine & possibly alcohol on sleep…)
  • ActionforHappiness’ 10 keys to happier living

Lou Banks:  Rising Vibe

How …

  • Our focus of attention impacts how we feel
  • A ‘baby step’ shift in our thinking can significantly impact our feelings
  • We can’t change things outside of us, but we can change the way we feel about them
  • Where we put our attention creates connections in the brain
  • To access mindset via emotion

Mark Lewis: Hospitality Action

Mark will explain how Hospitality Action is assisting those in our industry, how to access their support and what we can do to give back

The speakers will have 20 minutes each and we will have a Q & A session where you can put questions to them or you can also send question both prior or after the session to Caroline who can put forward as appropriate.

Registration details:

We are proposing a small charge for this event and will donate the fee less admin charge to Hospitality Action to enable us to give back.  However, if you are currently not working and paying would prevent you from attending we would like to offer you a free ticket.

If you are purchasing tickets please use the PayPal facility as we will not be issuing invoices  – PayPal give you the opportunity to pay via card in a secure environment and as a guest so no account is needed.

Once you have registered you will receive an automated confirmation, the link to the call will be sent out 12 hours prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing you on the 11 June and if you need any assistance in the meantime please contact Caroline Benjamin


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Standard Ticket £5.00 donation to HA
Donation to Hospitality Action and admin fees
Standard Ticket (FREE)
These tickets are offered to those who would like to attend but currently not in paid employment or furloghed

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