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Hi. My name is Shauna James Ahern.

I haven’t always felt alive. For much of my life, I felt lousy. Low in energy. Sick and sometimes  depressed. I didn’t know why….

Oh, and by the way, like millions of humans in the world, I have to live gluten-free. I have celiac disease, although I chafe at the word disease. Being diagnosed with celiac changed my life, in ways that I could never stop listing. Now, I am no longer low in energy, prone to falling ill, or depressed. Now, I am free. Now, I feel alive.


Based in th US


Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink

I’m a health writer with nine years’ professional interest in food hypersensitivity – that is, food allergy, food intolerance, and coeliac disease.

I have written about these subjects for a number of magazines and newspapers, both in the UK and overseas, and have interviewed many people with the above conditions, as well as related experts, such as gastroenterologists and dietitians. I’m also the author of four books on these subjects, including my latest, Coeliac Disease: What you need to know.

This blog is an outlet for my views and thoughts on developments and current issues of relevance in the world of food hypersensitivity – for instance, research, products, initiatives, campaigns – and on the representation and coverage of intolerances and allergies in the media.