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  • GoodnessDirect.co.uk
    Tel: 01327 706611
    Web: www.Goodnessdirect.co.uk
    Business Type: Not Specified

    Cereals, Bread, Cakes / Biscuits / Flapjacks, Desserts, Milk, Pasta, Distributor (Retail, Co-operative), Sauces
    Allergens free-from:

    Gluten Free (GF) Less than 20ppm, Low in Gluten (LiG) Less than 100ppm, No Gluten Containing Ingredients (NGCI), Egg free, Dairy Free (lactose)


    Goodness Foods Wholesale

    Goodness Foods are a wholesaler of free-from and allergy products as well as natural and organic ingredients and alternative foods.supply everything for the health food trade.

    All you could want for your shop or natural foods business from biodegradable bin bags to vegetarian sausages. Over 6,000 products in all, including frozen, chilled, bulk wholefoods, natural, organic and fairtrade foods, herbal remedies, natural toiletries, food supplements and eco-friendly household products.


    Suppliers of pre-packed product from many gluten free, egg free, soya free, dairy free and vegan manufacturers.


    FATC cannot be held responsible for the provision of goods or services provided by the suppliers listed on their website, FATC recommends that you always clarify with the supplier prior to purchasing their produce, and it is the purchasers responsibility to verify that statements made by the supplier are true and just. If you experienced an issue with a listed free-from supplier please contact their management team in the first instance, then please contact info@fatc.co.uk with details of the incident and we will investigate further and respond accordingly.