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  • Mortimers Chocolate Company
    Tel: 0845 0945291
    Web: http://www.mortimerchocolate.co.uk/
    Business Type: Not Specified

    Cakes / Biscuits / Flapjacks, Desserts, Chocolate
    Allergens free-from:

    Gluten Free (GF) Less than 20ppm, Nut Free, Soya Free, Dairy Free (lactose), Milk Free



    All of our chocolate products are diary-, gluten- and soya-free. While it is easy for us to make dark chocolates with no dairy content and no gluten, a white chocolate with no dairy is something else! We also do not use soy lecithin in our products, preferring to use a smidgen of the much more user-friendly sunflower lecithin in its place. Additionally, none of our products contain nuts.

    Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which, just like coffee and wine, vary in flavour according to the soil, season and region in which they were grown. Adrian used his experience and knowledge to select cocoas direct from origin to produce a 100% chocolate powder, ideal for making delicious chocolate drinks, so that the consumer could experience and understand the variety of cocoa flavours from around the world.

    The company works with local growers towards Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade Accreditation. Although some growers are just too small for such a step, the Mortimer Chocolate Company is currently working with a co-operative in Ghana to do just that. Together, they hope to have Rainforest Alliance approval in the next few months, and then work towards Fair Trade accreditation by the end of the year.

    As well as making delicious hot chocolate drinks, this unique range of global chocolate powders can be used for cooking, particularly in recipes requiring a good quality dark chocolate.

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