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  • The Bread Factory
    Tel: 0208 457 2080
    Web: http://www.breadltd.co.uk/
    Business Type: B2B

    Bread, Cakes / Biscuits / Flapjacks
    Allergens free-from:

    Gluten Free (GF) Less than 20ppm, No Gluten Containing Ingredients (NGCI), Dairy Free (lactose)






    The Bread Factory have teamed up with Tom Thexton of the award winning Wild Thexton Bakery to produce high quality gluten free breads for the food service industry.  The Bread Factory have built a separate gluten free bakery  with Tom to ensure that cross contamination is not an issue with their standard bakery offerings.

    The gluten free range includes Tin Loaves which are of a reasonable size. No postage stamp toast here!  Small loaves which can be used for ploughman’s or rustic starters, dinner rolls in a variety of types, white, imitation rye & seeded, and finally a burger bun.  My son and I tried the Tin loaf, the dinner rolls and the Small Loaves and they were very tasty not cake like at all.  I also froze the dinner rolls and tried them again after defrosting, and again they were very fresh and of a very high standard.


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